So many different cleaning service models out there – which one to choose?

In my capacity as a panel member of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance one of my roles is to offer support to start up cleaning business owners and one thing that is frequently discussed is setting up a business model which best suits the owner in terms of business goals, values and personality type.

Once a business owner has chosen and set up their business model they then have to find the clients who want exactly what they are selling, ie find ‘their market’ and in many cases, given the demand for domestic cleaning services in the UK, their market will be finding them!

We are aware that when you (the customer) are shopping for a cleaning service you are looking at a number of factors which will either appeal to you or not given your own needs and the way your household runs. So how to choose?

Below I will give you four of the many variables to consider, we appreciate that not all clients will want the exact same thing but you can be sure there will be cleaners out there who will be offering a service which is a great match for your needs, so when  you are getting quotes in, consider the following important factors when making your decision:

1. Is the service professionally run? Do they have correct insurance in place?

This is important because, cleaners are humans and errors are always possible, should any expensive damage occur and the fault was the cleaners, you need to know that damage will be covered. Imagine if there was a gas leak or a flood as a result of something the cleaner had done and they were not covered for the extensive damage – it does not bear thinking about. 

Equally if your cleaner should have a serious accident themselves you need to know that you will not be held accountable for their injuries which took place on your premises. The way to be sure is make sure that they or the company they work for carries full insurance for your own peace of mind.

2. How many cleaners are provided during my services?

Less important than the item above however this question can be a pertinent one if you are to be home during service. Although we know most clients are out at work during the cleans and in these cases it makes no difference but if you are working from home or elderly, it might be that you are home during service and then must consider whether you would feel better having a larger team get the clean out of the way in a faster time-frame or just one cleaner who would likely feel less intrusive while cleaning alone however would take much longer than a team to complete service. There’s no correct answer, just consider which suits you best and find out who is offering your own preferred service. Maybe you would try out a few different services before you settle on a good match for yourself.

3. Is the service good value for money?

Obviously pricing for services varies enormously, as it must because at the premium end of the market all the costs involved in making sure a service is fully managed, trained and equipped must of course, be passed on the the customer in order to run a viable business, but the good news is at the mid to higher end, you do get what you pay for and if the service isn’t the cheapest, you will know that your satisfaction will be taken very seriously as this will be important to the owners to earn the business they need. At the higher end of the market one of the most important things to look at is what kind of customer service is in place for you? If there is a good system for enquiries and someone is always there to listen to and take care of any issues for you that is a good sign. As mentioned before cleaners are human and can makes mistakes, there are easily ironed out with good communication systems in place. Make sure your service has these good systems.

4. How established is the service?

Now we all have to start somewhere and I am absolutely not saying do not give new start ups a chance to prove themselves but an older business with a good few staff and with many ‘tried and tested’ systems of work and procedures in place has more facility to take care of you properly and will have considered and learned about all the things that clients appreciate through trial and error over the years. 

Anyone who has been trading for more than a few years and hasn’t given up in what can be a tough industry will have learned how to create a business where their clients are onside and are their biggest fans, clients will be rooting for them and referring them to their friends and family. The sort of service who has earned these fans is going know how to take good care of you too! This is also doe some consideration when choosing.

These are just four main variable in service model to consider before making a purchase. Some other things to think about:

* Are there cancellation fees for time when I don’t need services? If so how much?
*  Is the service fully equipped and are the cleaners fully trained to use the chemicals correctly?
* Does the cleaning service charge ‘per hour’ or is the price based upon the scope of the work shown at the quote? Neither way is better or worse, just different pricing structures.
* Does the service offer the same regular cleaner for me and do they offer cover when she takes her annual leave? Things to think about.

There are many more and I do believe there is no wrong or right way to run a cleaning business as long as it’s run within the law and there are SO many ways to do so correctly as long as the owner know what they have chosen to offer and why plus can explain the benefits of their own way. Good services will always find themselves to be in high demand. It is really up to the customer to decide which service fits their needs and choose the one that is the best match for their household.

We hope you find the best service for YOU soon. With over 120 happy clients across Cheshire, covering Frodsham, Helsby, Warrington, Lymm, Altrincham and surrounding areas too, Professionals Cleaning Service know that client satisfaction and support is imperative to the welfare of our business and all who work within.

Good luck!