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Our Price Guide:
A minimum price of £36.00 plus VAT per cleaning visit applies for smaller properties with two/fewer occupants, or for a smaller part of a larger home, serviced on a weekly frequency only (and subject to individual quote) and then we price upwards from there for additional areas included within the scope of the work. All areas included will be cleaned to a high standard by kind and hardworking staff.

Fortnightly frequency is also available at a slightly higher price, as there is more build up in between the visits.

The best way to get an accurate quote for your individual needs is to arrange a visit at your home then we can view the areas to be cleaned and chat through our services and discuss how we can best help you, we can work together on the scope of work required to meet your budget. To arrange this appointment call us today.

Or if you prefer, we can call you, just email us on the address above and provide us with some details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and receptions rooms in your home, which you would like to be included in the cleans, plus frequency of cleans required ie weekly or fortnightly clean etc. If you could also put your telephone number within the message this can help us to contact you, sometimes we do reply and it may just go straight into your spam folder, but if we have a phone number too, we can be certain to get back to you as soon as we can. Until then, please use the prices below as a guide as these are our minimum prices per regular cleaning visit for smaller properties:

  • Weekly cleaning service from £34.00 per visit *
  • Fortnightly cleaning service from £39.00 per visit *
  • One-off deep cleans from £170.00 *
  • End of tenancy cleans from £200.00 *
  • Move In/out cleans from £190.00 *

* All prices are subject to VAT

VAT Registration Number: 250 4048 40

Please note:  One-off cleans are subject to availability, since our regulars keep our schedule so busy we can rarely schedule these. We will always help where we can.

Price Structure

We have chosen the ‘flat rate per job’ price structure and not the ‘hourly rate’ model. We trade in flat rates for clarity and transparency, we find cleaners,as individuals, to be variable in what they can achieve during a time-frame, we want to ensure a quality clean is performed each time no matter who attends your home, the only way to achieve this standard is to set a flat rate ‘per home’ based upon the scope of the work we are shown at the quote, we do not apply hidden costs or vary the cost per visit unless the workload varies, the rate quoted to you is the rate you will pay, unless additional services are requested by yourself or the scope of the work alters for any reason – ie extension added to the home, visitors staying long-term or more areas are to be included than the original quote covered. If you arrange for us to visit your home to view, we can chat through our services, discuss your requirements and then we can supply a quote for the cleaning of your home. We will issue a service list with all that is included as standard and items which can be purchased as additional requests, these can be priced in regularly from the start if that will help you most. We can also alter the scope of the work to fit within your budget as long as it meets our minimum price per visit. We can help you to tailor your cleaning visits to suit the budget you have available for your cleaning service. Contact us to arrange a visit, we will always help where we can.

Our standard service is detailed and high in quality and includes some items that some other services will charge out as additional extras, this is because we care about the details and we care about offering a premium service level.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Small offices/shops – please contact us for a quote for our commercial cleaning services.

Offers for Regular Residential Clients:

If you are having our regular maintenance service, and you would ever like one of our full deep cleans, then this  is only charged at double the usual regular price you will pay for your maintenance cleans (as long as the same areas are covered), these deep cleans would normally attract the same fee as our one-off deep cleans but the reason we only charge double the regular cleaning price, is because the house is already up-together within our maintenance cleaning systems and rotations therefore the cost can be considerably less to go deeper than with starting from scratch.

There are many other perks and benefits from hiring The Professionals Cleaning Service for regular house cleaning, firstly that your home will be cleaned thoroughly, and smell so fresh, and also, unlike most other companies, we include within our systems and rotations of work the interior windows and the paintwork plus some other details we feel are important, all as part of our general maintenance cleanings without up-charging for these as an extra. That clean, fresh feel is so important for us to provide for you. This provides our customers with wonderful value for money, and professional results.

Cleaning Services – value for money

The best cleaning services by far. Also, for regular residential clients only we can supply a deep clean for just double the price of your usual maintenance cleans, (subject to availability, please book in advance), this is because we will already have the regular cleaning element ‘up-together’ within our detailed maintenance schedule therefore, only the deep cleaning element is extra. This great value all relies upon the systems and rotas we already have in place within our detailed maintenance cleaning routines trained out to all the staff. For that reason this offer applies to regular domestic customers ONLY!

Direct Debit

The Professionals Cleaning Service can take payments by Direct Debit. If you would like to pay by direct debit, please click on the logo below to setup your payments once service has been set up.