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Privacy Policy

Although we have not had to alter our policies or procedures in any way to comply with GDPR guidelines, we have never shared any of the data we hold unnecessarily or stored any data unsafely, we would like to let you know how we are compliant with the legislation coming to pass 25th May 2018 as follows:
When services are cancelled by either party your details will be deleted off our databases with immediate effect of notification of termination unless you instruct us otherwise. At the same time, we will also be deleted you from our accountancy software too.

If however services are asked to be suspended indefinitely, ie due to a house move or financial situation, we will continue to hold details on our systems for up to 24 months but you will be contacted after every 6 month period after services were suspended, to ask permission to still be holding your details or if these should now be removed or when you would next like to be contacted about this.

Contact details are for office personnel to access only. We do not supply these details to any cleaning staff or route managers as all contacts are always made via Sandra Ormson at our office or her assistant office staff only. Likewise, contact details of our staff are not handed out to clients, as a fully managed service this is not at all necessary and would contravene data-protection legislation. The two numbers we use for our business are both office phones only, no clients’ phone numbers or emails addresses are able to be accessed by non-office staff. We do not use your data for any marketing purposes.

Also TPCS never sell your data to third parties. Only the members of TPCS will be supplied with the required data needed at any time to perform the work in hand correctly, our staff contracts are bound by confidentially clauses to ensure that nothing with regard to client or company information can be discussed with parties outside of the company.

The Professionals Cleaning Service are also making sure that all other companies used by us, such as the Go Cardless payment facility and the accountancy software we use are also compliant with the new GDPR regulations.